Saturday, November 30, 2019

Para-brahman as Shakti form

Oh yet another article on SHAKTI , few lines I really intend to share...
When we take shakti in the form of energy that will be formless and as UNIVERSAL ENERGY , WHICH IS REALLY UNEXPLAINABLE LIKE PARBRHAM
The Devī, as Para-brahman, is beyond all form and guṇ a. The forms of the Mother of the Universe are three- fold. There is first the Supreme (para) form, of which, as the Viṣ ṇ u- There is next her subtle (Sūkṣ ma) form, But as the mind cannot easily settle itself upon that which is formless, She appears as the subject of contemplation in Her third, or gross (Sthūla), or physical form, with hands and feet and the like as celebrated in many texts as well as yogic kriyas of Devī- stotra of the #Purāṇas or #Tantras.
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Friday, November 29, 2019

YOGIs .. philosophical approach

If anybody is not the path of yoga his/her intellectual level must improve gradually so as to analysis the aspects of any particular topic critically as philosopher the typical mindset of yogi must form new ideas. The #Yogi as well as the Philosopher revolts against this bondage of the human mind of preexisting dogmas. Both of them Aspire to break through the walls of this prison of thoughts. I AM NOT SAYING TO REVOLT AGAINST ANY #TRADITION BUT TO BRING REVOLUTIONIZE THE THOUGHTS TO BE INNOVATIVETO EDUCATE THE MASS..
For the satisfaction of the innermost Craving of their souls, they attempt to penetrate into the innermost meaning of this cosmic order.
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Thursday, November 28, 2019


adesh adesh !!!
MIND will always try to acquire knowledge knowingly or unknowingly,, and continue it as the neurons of brain will do the job..if meditation is a continuation of #knowledge, is the continuation of everything that man has accumulated, then there is no freedom... try to be free from thoughts..
Though really difficult to get freedom from any thought process because brain will be doing its function uninterruptedly and efficiently,, but MIND can be made to remain quite and calm for some time ???? .. yes it can be but need to train the process as per our will...but do it under guidance ..#energy #peace #solitude #karma #shimla #hiking #sadhna #shiva #GORAKH #nath #spiritualism #kundalini #spiritualtraverllers

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

DHEERA (धीरा)

विकारहेतौ सति विक्रियन्ते येषां न चेतांसि त एव धीराः ।
Vikaarahetau sati vikriyante Yeshaam na chetaamsi ta eva dheeraah. Only he can be considered a dheera ( a person of courage) whose mind is not disturbed or overcome by emotions even in the presence of objects of temptation. Though emotional attachments is the basic nature of humans but too much attachment to any person or physical thing could be very negative impact in life and successful yogic path so be DHEERA, DHEERA or STABLE mind will understand and imbibe new concepts easily in any feild #energy #peace #solitude #karma #shimla #hiking #sadhna #shiva #GORAKH #nath #spiritualism #kundalini #spiritualtraverllers


Adesh adesh !!!
I am extending my previous text on Faiths .. initially the faiths or more precisely the religious faiths would have originated as the source of development as an human but with passage of time being used for many inhuman activities... DHARMA is more of DRAMA of ritual practices in around us its very much clear ..
Don’t want to elaborate on the definition of religion or spirituality. Various religions have promised that if you believe in certain forms of rituals, dogmas, saviours, you might, if you lead a certain kind of life, come upon this strange thing, whatever name one likes to give to it. And those who have directly experienced it, have done it according to their conditioning, to their belief to their environmental and cultural influences... HOPEFUL FOR THE HEAVEN or BETTER LIFE AND FUTURE (MOSTLY RELATED TO MATERIALISTIC THINGS) PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING THE #DOGMAS AND #RITUALS.
The particular psyche has been well exploited by political leaders also and is cherished very well.
Apparently religions has lost its meaning, because there have been religious wars; religion does not answer all our problems, religions have separated peoples.... people are fighting for the faiths its NOT RELIGIOUS AT ALL .. #energy #peace #solitude #karma #shimla #hiking #sadhna #shiva #GORAKH #nath #spiritualism #kundalini #spiritualtraverllers

DREAMS and the Analysis of Thoughts...

Sometimes we become more particular about our thoughts and little more observing, If dreams are the continuation of our daily life, of our daily turmoil, anxiety, the desire for security, attachment, then inevitably, dreams in their symbolic form must take place...
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In another line, It has something to do with the brain waves and intuitive mind can give you some idea about the coming events in life or the surroundings. Some yogis and sadhkas have observed some energy changes in dreams and with more positive institutional power. Not even in dreams the intuitional power does work in day to day routine life (like repetitive watching certain objects, organism or numbers)...the power can be improved and made to work for the spiritual healing... #Brain functions perfectly only in order, not in disorder. Our team has worked on some individuals on this aspects and achieved certain level of improvements.
Brain works very systematically naturally, it functions more efficiently when there is complete order but this will work in proper direction only if we are managing our mental and spiritual needs wisely. FOR THIS WE NEED TO BE CLEAR IN OUR THOUGHT FIRST. #yoga #sadhna #kundalini
Adesh adesh!!
KUNDALINI ENERGY: Why we NEED directional flow ??
Adesh Adesh !!!!
There is profuse text on the topic of #KUNDALINI ENERGY, in around I am just putting my view in few words. All mechanical, non mechanical biological system need some energy to work as an operational thing. The energy when suitably supplied gives the desired performance.
Similarly human body though innately contain huge energy (I am talking about the KUNDALINI) this has to be used in judicious and systematic manner so that the desired stage of the spiritual or yogic development can be used.. AS WE ALL KNOW THE ENERGY CAN BE BOTH CONSTRUCVE AND DESTRUCTIVE ..the principle applies to this topic also.
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Just watching for the past many weeks the social media especially Youtube is full of #TANTRIC SADHNAS and people are providing the procedure (vidhis and experiences like anything ) DO THEY TAKE RESPONSIBILITY of the sadhka and sadhna ? In my personal experience #tantra must be done with strict discipline under proper guidance...and very often observed some psycho-logical and behavioral abnormalities its basically due to the disturbances in internal energy balance.. I cannot put more details due to shortage of space.. BUT SUGGEST BE CAREFUL while DOING ANY SADHNA AND PLEASE STUDY BENEFICIAL AND HARMFUL EFFECTS OF ANY SADHNA....pranam !!!
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