Saturday, May 7, 2016


We are putting this after deep analysis of the audiences and the present tantra practices of teachings. Here we want to put that the tantra and the real definition of the tantra be well understood. Tantra shastra is a a up veda of Atharv vaeda (one of the four Vedas i.e. Rig , Sam, Atharv and Yjur veda ). Some of the experts trace back the origin more before as OM and the origin of OMKAR. This may be attributed to the fact that the Beej swaroop of all most all mantra is OM, can be regarded as the main tatv of tantra.
In NATH samprday secret tantric practices were systamatised by the Sage Matsyendranath in his Kaulajnana Nirnaya. With the blessings of ADINATH (OMKAR SWAROOP, shiv ) Having Siva-Shakti blessings, Matsyendranath practiced ‘yogini kaula’ in the company of women. He establishes a new cult in Kamarupa where he was in the midst of shavite yoginis. Shakti is Kula. Siva is akula; their Union is Kaula giving rise to Kaula Marga path to moksha. It is to be noted that Siva in yoga is encircled by 64 yoginis. It is also to be noted that Kapilaka Saivism branched out as Kaula and Trika. Kapilaka Shaivism, in turn was a break away from Mantra Margha which also gave birth to Saiva Sidhanta, the forerunner to Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta. Mantra Margha and Atimarga, on the other hand, trace their origins in Non-Puranic Saivism which originated from Rudra worship. What ever may be the case every Vidya and marg traces origin from SHIV SHAKTI.
And we if consider Sanskrit shloka:
Sarvesrtha yen tanyante vayante trayante ch bhyyajyanan,
Iti tantrasya tantratvm tantragya parickshte II
It means that mantra and its proper usage in rituals, well explained systematic Puja and spiritual work accordingly. Its all is referred as tantra. Recently I came across many texts on TANTRA WORK and adds. I find so called yogis mix sex, passion with tantra and spiritualism very intelligently to attract people. I could visualize two possible reasons: one people understand the things in this manner mostly and second more suitable reason may that western people are very keen learner tend to know new things vey eagerly. Its not the right practice doing GREAT harm to the santan padhati and rich culture of Indian spiritualism. ITS MY HUMBLE REQUEST PLEASE DON’T MISREPRESENT YOGA, FOR YOUR OWN BENEFITS.
And its also for the audiences to see the facts and study thoroughly the concept before following anybody. The shastra also recommend 7 majore shudis (purities) in any practice are the qualities for yogis:
Anga vasan mann bhumika dravyopkaran saar,
Nyay dravya vidhi-shudhta shudhi saat prakar
while doing tantra practice body, cloths, material, soul, rightfully earned money should be used, keeping in mind these 7 things in mind the practitioner must do practice other wise proves harmful. so please do tantra practice keeping these things in MIND. ADESH ADESH …..

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


we are sharing some knowledge on bandha ( locks) in yogic and spiritual path. its well versed fact that the mudras and asanas are the base of yoga and in addition to that proper bandhs and their combination withe suitable mudra gives better results in meditation and sidhi-sashna. we have discussed the different mudrasin our artcle. There are many types of bandhas but mainly Mula Bandha,( contraction of the perineum),Uddiyana bandha, (contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage)Jalandhara Bandha, ( the chin close to the chest).combination of all three is called MAHA BANDH, these are used to give direction and right channeling of KUNDALINI , energy or shakti, thus has great contribution when one aspires for such sidhis.,
as ur spiritual text say :
     mudrasamam kinchit
    Siddhidam kshitimandale
“There is nothing in this world like Mudras for giving success.”

WE are giving information regarding MUL BANDH .

Mūla Bandha should be attempted first in antara kumbhaka (retention after inhalation). and it related with MULA chakra,
first , Press the Yoni with the left heel. Keep the right heel pressed at the space just above the organ of generation. Contract the anus and draw the Apana Vayu upwards. This is called Mula Bandha. The Apana Vayu which does the function of ejection of excreta has natural tendency to move downwards. Through the practice of Mula Bandha, the Apana Vayu is made to move upwards by contracting the anus and by forcibly drawing it upwards. The Prana Vayu is united with the Apana and the united Prana-Apana Vayu is made to enter the Sushumna Nadi. Then the Yogi attains perfection in Yoga. Kundalini activation starts, with practise the perfection can be achived and the duration of the process gradually increased. it is highly advised to do this under experts supervision. Yogi when intintd properly also reciev the grace of GURU MANTRA ,ASANA MANTRA and certain mantras by GURU MUKH (only from the mouth of satguru) not available in text as such, these mantra are also repeated in soul. the enrgy level increases,,   When the Apana is united with Prana, Anahata sounds (mystical inner sounds) are heard very distinctly. Prana, Apana, Nada and Bindu unite and the Yogi reaches perfection in Yoga. The proces is gradual and need faith and patience