Friday, September 18, 2015


THE Guru is the religious teacher and spiritual guide to whose direction orthodox Hindus of all divisions of worshippers submit themselves. There is in reality but one Guru. The word GURU  has many meanings in literature.The ordinary human Guru is but the manifestation on the phenomenal plane of the Ādināthā Mahā-kāla, the Supreme Guru abiding in Kailāsa.He it is who enters into and speaks with the voice of the earthly  Guru at the time of giving mantra. Guru is the root  (mūla) of dikṣha (initiation). Dikṣha is the root of mantra. Mantra is the root of Devatā; and Devatāis the root of siddhi. The Munda-mālā-Tantra says that mantra is born of Guru and Devatāof mantra, so that the Guru occupies the position of a grandfather to the Iṣ ṭa-devatā. It is the Guru who initiates and helps, and the relationship between him and the disciple (śiṣ ya) continues until The perfect sādhāka who is entitled to the knowledge of all Śāstras is he who is pure-minded, whose senses are controlled (jitendriyah), who is ever engaged in doing good to all beings, free from false notions , the attainment of monistic siddhi.
This knowledge is not like a discrete academic subject that you can learn simply by  reading a textbook. It is a complete unfoldment and the teacher-student connection is necessary
in order to make the knowledge work for the student. It is similar to a relationship with a
therapist in which trust and a certain amount of time are necessary.The guru is more like a
super-therapist. He must re-orient the student overa period of time, directly or indirectly, so the
student sees through ingrained self-beliefs.  But what makes the extraordinary difference is that
the guruis also the one who opens up your heart and gives you aninsight about yourself, a self
that is totally acceptable. There is no other relationship that will do that.Guru is father, mother, and Brahman. Guru, it is said, can save from the wrath of Śiva but none can save from the wrath of the Guru. Attached to this greatness there is however, responsibility; for the sins of the disciple recoil upon him.
the final definition OF guru: maha vakya-upadesha-karta, the one who teachesthe statement revealing the identityof the individual and the Lord, the whole.
The guru is a human being. When the guru is praised, however, gurur brahma gurur
vishnu gurur devo maheshwara, “The guru is Brahma, the guru is Vishu, the guru is shiva,” the
human element is not taken into account.

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Shree Nath Yog :- Our Aim and Objectives

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