Saturday, July 23, 2016


Recently I CAME ACROSS THE NEWS ABOUT USA , felt i must right something on it. its very serious problem as a human race we need to understand the logic of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" a Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts such as the Maha Upanishad, which means "the world is one family" and we are the sons and daughters of mother earth (the prakriti). so there is no question of creating differences in human race based on caste, coloure, religious faith etc. i saw some data about USA saying:Overall, black (49%) and Native Americans (48%) victims reported most often, higher than whites (42%) and Asians (40%). Serious violent crime and aggravated assault against blacks (58% and 61%) and Native Americans (55% and 59%) was reported more often than against whites (51% and 54%) or Asians (50% and 51%). Native Americans were unusually unlikely to report a robbery (45%), as with Asians and a simple assault (31%).... i found it shocking..... may be factors like socio-economic conditions may be correlated with crimes. (need more research)... but i feel as a human being we must live with harmony and repect the basic principal of life .... "love and being loved ".... a text in ATHARV VEDA SAYS" ALL ARE EQUAL IN BIRTH AND DEATHS, THE DIFFERENCE ARISE IN THE INTERVAL , (WHICH IS MAN MADE NOT BY NATURE )....EMPEROR AND BEGGAR ARE BORN NEKAD , THEY SLEEP EQUALLY AND AND BOW OUT (PHYSIOLOGICALLY THEY ARE SAME).. i think in this era VEDAS and UPANISHADS fine more relevance, we need to educate the people more about these.... May there be peace in this UNiVERSE...we (shree Nath yog Edu and Res. Foundation) have this idea so let us join the mission to have better society OM SHIV GORAKH ...ADESH ADESH


We are putting this article considering the noise and its impact especilaly when the fetivsal seasons is on in INDIA. sometimes its reflected as , MORE HE MAKES NOISE , MORE RELIGIOUS THE PERSON IS ... RELIGIOUS places put large loudspeakers starting playing BHAJANS,, (virtually Bollywood songs only wordings are changed) posing problems to students, patients and old aged persons. still unaware of the fact the authorities pay no attention. beacuse the seriousness of the noise pollution is never understood in INDIA......
Pollution is a noise derived from the verb pollute. Section 2 (c ) of the Environment (Protection ) Act, 1986 defines environmental pollution to mean the presence in the environment of any environmental pollutant. Section 2 (b) of the said Act defines environmental pollutant to means any solid, liquid or gaseous substance present in such concentration as may be ,or tends to be injurious to environment.
Noise can be described as sound without agreeable musical quality or as an unwanted or undesired sound. Thus noise can be taken as a group of laud, non harmonious sounds or vibrations that are unpleasant and irritating to ear.Noise is defined as unwanted sound. Sound which pleases the listeners is music and that which causes pain and annoyance is noise. At times what is music for some can be noise for others.
Most of the machines that have been developed for industrial purposes,for high speed transportation,or to make life more enjoyable,by furnishing additional comfort,reducing the drudgery of everyday living,and speeding up our daily routines to provide additional leisure hours,are accompanied by noise. Noise prevention and control is important as noise affects us in hearing,abilityto communicate and behaviour.Undoubtedly,lesser noise can make the environment more friendly and life becomes pleasant.
Public Address System
• License must be obtained by all parties intending to use loudspeakers or public address system for any occasion.
• Public address system and loudspeakers should not be used at night between 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. except in closed premises.
• Loudspeakers should be directed at the audiences and not away from audience (i.e.not towards the neighbourhood).
• Loudspeakers should not be allowed for advertisement and commercial activities.
• The permitted strength of power amplifier should be just adequate to cover the audience,and noise level beyond the boundary limit of the noise source premises should not be increased by more than 5 dB(A) above the ambient noise level.
Article 21 of the Constitution guarantees life and personal liberty to all persons. It is well settled by repeated pronouncements of the Supreme Court that right to life enshrined in Article 21 is not of mere survival or existence. It guarantees a right of persons to life with human dignity. Any one who wishes to live in peace, comfort and quiet within his house has a right to prevent the noise as pollutant reaching him.