Saturday, May 21, 2016

CONCEPT OF TRUE KNOWLEDGE (Materialistic Vs non Materialistic)

In life we always put focus upon others, how they behave, talk, react etc. and in the process of observing people around us we forget the essential part of our own lives, that is ourselves. It doesn’t mean we need to be
selfish but it certainly means we need to introspect ourselves to be a better human being, to be what we are expected of not by the dictates of the society but by the eternal time, space and universe. I am writing about two different concepts of knowledge and their comparison.
There are two schools of thought as I can visualize MATERIALISTIC AND NON MATERIALISTIC… THE academic degrees may give u good job, financial security and social respect. But if we think on the other hand, the spiritual growth and attainment provide the BLISS and the satisfaction bey7ond explanation. During my academic life (BSc, MSc, PhD… MBA etc ) I came across man learned people. Experts in their field were good human beings. But many of them were egoistic and self centred often indulged self appraisal.  But any knowledge that gives birth to self-praise and ego deteriorates the process of actual learning. If something is bringing negativity in the disposition it means that knowledge is not worth of being learnt similarly if the manner of  Bhakti is bringing in us the superiority complex that means a person has to re-look into the way he offers his prayers.
In addition what I learnt from my GURU, is somewhat I call far SUPERIOR to the knowledge gained b m academic degrees as It has greater visualization and practicability.
I recall one day when m Satguru told me to bring “Datun”(small potion of branch if a tree for teeth ) one evening. I wnt to another Sadhu and asked him to cut Datun for  me . He explained me why its not the right time to cut the Datun, (TREES SLEEPS IN THE EVENING, THE FACT THE SCIENTIST DISCOVERING THESE DAYS, OUR ANCESTORS HAS KNOWLEDGE FOR THOUSANDs OF YEARS).  IN THE THE MORNING SADHUS WORSHIPPED THE TREE AND HE CUT THE DATUN.
This incident my SATGURU MADE ME LEARN TWO THINGS: 1. Respect to nature (trees).  2. Time to do the things ,, one should respect others for suitability of the time and work accordingly.. There are many instances were the SATGURUS  knowledge surpasses the materialistic knowledge, which is more related to experiences and introspection. That’s why called AGAM –NIGAM VIDYA
Self-examination is vital on the way of spiritualism. Self-examination can be termed as checking one’s own thoughts and actions. When it happens the period of self-realization begins which leaves an ample space for the aspirant to overcome his shortcomings on his journey to God. It frees one from all the vices which resides involuntary in our soul and drives our actions.