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The term swastika emanates from the Sanskrit word swasti = su (good) asti (being). As a symbol, swastika is a line-design invented by the vedic sages. Its specific geometry is believed to have some relation with certain natural energy fields. It is drawn as a cross with equal arms when all the arms are continued as far again at right angles clockwise. The sublime effects, in terms of the cosmic energy currents superimposed in the unique pattern of swastika, correspond to what the swastika symbolizes -- auspiciousness ,well-being. 

The clockwise (dakshinavarta) direction is of significant importance, as it also happens to be the direction of movement (as we see it on the earth) of the sun, which rises in the east and sets in the west. The four sides of the swastika thus represent the four principal directions. The symbol of swastika is being used as a holy sign in India since the time of yore. Scriptural descriptions define it as a divine symbol that encompasses (in coded form) several important meanings and mysterious formulae or signs representing specific energy cycles in the universe. 

The "Halayudh Kosha" regards it as prominent among the twenty-four symbols of significance in the Indian Culture and states -- Chaturvinshanti Chinhantargata Chinha Vishesha. The same scripture also refers to it as chatushpatha - four paths emerging symmetrically in four directions from a common origin. The seed-syllable (sounding like "gam" in the Vedic script) of the Ganapati Mantra resembles the swastika. This seed syllable together with the four segments (chatushtaya) of the mantra seems to be encapsulated in the swastika symbol. In some scriptures, four divine powers governing the physical system of Nature are said to be subtly present around its four sides: Vradhdashrava Indra in the east, Brahaspati Indra in the south, Pusha-Vishwaveda Indra in the west and Arishtanemi Indra in the north. Scholars of vedic literature also interpret the swastika symbol as the coded design of the electromagnetic / magnetic energy fields around the solar systems nucleus. Valmikiya Ramayana cites the appearance of swastika symbol as that of the bluish line-design seen on the crest of the cobra - king of snakes.

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