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Gorakhnath, great yogi, had  view about absolute reality and attaches almost equal value to the transcendent experience of Samddhi and the enlightened phenomenal experience of the normal waking state. AS we know  nāths’ reinvention of Haṭha Yoga was  a continuation of the process begun in the Matsyendrasaṃhitā. It involved a reformation of tantric ritual, relocating it to the body of the individual yogīs and doing away with Tantra’s complex rituals They were recognized as great adepts in Yoga and credited with the development of those so- called occult powers which the constant practice of Yoga unfolds.
There are two main achievements  of sadhka are Dhyana and Samddhi. Dhyana means a continuous stream of calm and peaceful consciousness and Samdahi means absolute unity of consciousness, in which the container and the content,the subject and the  object, are completely identified in zero. This can be achieved by constact practice and the path shown by guru
 Moreover Success in Yoga and yogic powers  demands an unblemished character, continence and denial of all pleasures of flesh, withdrawal from the distractions of the world, and no one can deny that the fathers of the Nath school practiced these virtues to an extraordinary degree. We should not bother much about philosophical theories and engage discussion about subjects which really transcend reason, need to pay attention to spiritual discipline, the practice of Yoga.

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