Wednesday, May 13, 2015


On the right side of the entrance to Lakshana devi stands a small platform covered with a roof peculiar to small village shrine. In it is kept an upright stone symbolizing Kelang, the Kartikeya, the god of war.  There is moreover a small piece of wood in this shrine which is carved with a figure representing Kelang. It appears this piece was offered by some devotee. This god is moreover called Kelang wazeer or Kelanga – swami or devta by local peasantry. This shrine moreover contains a six inches high metal idol with two arms holding a danda (staff) & ring, representing the god Kelang. He is moreover revered as Kartik-swami by locals who have tremendous faith in his miraculous powers. His disciples or chelas wear a sort of red cap as a mark. They are in tremendous demand for performing divine or ritual dance. A marble image of Kartikeya kelang, has moreover been placed recently along with other votive projects.

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