Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Manimahesh temple which stands in the centre of Chaurasi temple, is main temple, enshrining a huge Shiva linga. The Shiva linga is nothing yet a symbol of characteristic mark of lord Shiva & is worshiped in a symbol. In reality it is identical with the lord almighty which has been described as creator, protector & destroyer of entire universe. While creating this universe he assumes the form of Brahma, while protecting it assumes form of Vishnu & while destroying the form of Rudra.
The temple enshrining Shiva linga resting on the huge square plinth was rebuilt by Raja Sahila Varman during first half of tenth century AD. This monumental temple with high beehive shikhara bearing no sculptures on the outer surface is of middle Pratihara type. It is similar to the early temples of Chamba town & like them has been built on a model of sahila’s lakhshami narayana temple, Chamba town. The repairs of the temples were carried out by Raja Udai Singh (1690-1720 AD

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