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we are only aware of the KLESH(dicomfort), in later stage this may be called DVESH. But if we go a step higher in thinking, we will understand that these foolish kind of hatred, all these personal resistances are the route Causes of all the SUFFERINGS. When a person complains that he is always on bad terms with his relatives ( may be wife) or the people whom he loves, if properly analyzed this person has an attack of hatred or KLESH and has failed to spread himself as an LOVABLE individuality to other people... The examples can be given for different religious faiths in the world.
Five types of kleshas have been identified by the sages
अविद्यास्मितारागद्वेषाभिनिवेशाः पञ्च क्लेशाः॥३॥
Avidyāsmitārāgadveṣābhiniveśāḥ pañca kleśāḥ[1]
these five (pañca) Kleśa-s or Afflictions (kleśāḥ) are:[1]
1.Ignorance (in the form of a misapprehension about reality) (ávidyā), 2.egoism (in the form of an erroneous identification of the Self with the intellect) (asmitā), 3.attachment (rāga),4.aversion (dveṣa), and 5.fear of death (which is derived from clinging ignorantly to life) (abhiniveśāḥ).
But ones needs guidance to get relief from them.SO SEND POSITIVE VIBRTIONS TO OTHERS GET RELEIF to them in terms of positive thoughts and prayers. So we can develop harmony and peace in the universe. May there be peace on earth
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