Monday, April 13, 2015


Impersonal Sex :- Tantric Sex is an important part of the Natha Yoga Centre’s method. It is ritual sex without personal engagement. In the Natha system it is important to take distance from the concrete person (or action) in order not to be captured by the karma. In this way, in Natha’s Tantra every woman has sex with God Shiva and not with the concrete man. And every man indeed has sex with the Goddess Shakti. In this ceremonial intercourse, the sex partner serves as a tool in the process as bearer of a deity, a higher principle that is common for all. According to Natha, the purified energies emanating from the Shiva- and Shakti-poles advance the religious process.

 Therefore, experienced experts of Natha’s method may have multiple sex partners, and it is important not to connect emotionally to them. The sex partner should only be a medium to achieve a higher end. The sexual practice that is such important at Natha thus becomes impersonal and instrumental. This is not compatible with many secular ethics as well with Christian ethic where every person is an end in him- or herself and not a means to an end, and where personal love and care enjoys highest estimation.

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