Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Natha and Christianity The practices in the Natha Yoga Centre may have a superficial Christian character. As Natha writes in a reply, one could join the Christian message of the “surrender to Jesus as son of God and redeemer of mankind, to live in his message of self sacrifice and compassion”. At Easter 2005, Natha organised a Christian Easter procession in the streets of Copenhagen. And in the lectures of Natha, not infrequently the Our father, the Orthodox “Heart prayer”, 24 hours prayers , meditations about Jesus’ birth and crucifixion, blessings, “light consecration”, Easter and Christmas feasting, Bible lecture an meditations about parables and the Sermon on the Mountain are used. Natha uses various religions if that is advantageous for the Organisation and its “scientific” tantric method. Natha wrote to the Dialog Centre: Yoga means “unification”. Unification between God and man.

The tantric Yoga is based on the assumption that we can reach this unification in life by a conscious surrender to God. To reach this state, we may use many tools from Our father until erotic techniques
But the Christian characteristics of Natha are superficial and not in agreement with the basic views of Natha. It is not Christian to assume that the physical world be controlled by karma, making everybody guilty for one’s own fate. According to sources, it happens at Natha that people are requested not to spoil their energy by humanitarian or political engagement, but instead to spiritually work with one selves! Natha also teaches techniques for self redemption and bringing oneself up to the divine, thus becoming a part of the deity.

The fundamental difference in Christianity is the essential difference between God and man, and it is God who salvages man and not man himself. To use ceremonial impersonal sex as a salvation method also contradicts Christian thinking. Natha covers a Hindu tantric message, fundamentally different from Christian understanding, by a Christian gloss.

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